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Bank-Anthony’s estate in good hands, says Cole

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After over 25 years of controversy on the properties of Chief Mobolaji Bank-Anthony, his goddaughter, Irene Cole, a septuagenarian veteran of the United States Air Force, in this interview says the trustees of Bank-Anthony’s will are ready to execute it


There have been some controversies of the will of Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony. What is the state of affairs now?

The estate of Sir Bank-Anthony is now enforcing the law and we want everyone to know our legal team, our investigations team, our administrative team, our field team, our development team to name a few.

We are all ready to enforce the law in any of the properties, registrars and or banks that think they are going to face us through me because they are not just facing Queen Irene Cole, they are facing an Estate and this is Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony recovered Estate.

Anyone who wants to go to jail should feel free I am Queen Irene Cole, the Executive Trustee of the Estate of Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony, first by divine favor and with the judgment of Justice S.A Onigbanjo.

Whoever claims to be a descendant of Sir Bank-Anthony must be aware that there is a lead trustee of the estate who is an elder member of the family

that was nominated in Sir Bank-Anthony’s will and who is now in charge of the estate.

So, any group of people claiming to be descendants of Sir Bank-Anthony should be aware that the dead spoke 29 years ago but the people whom he nominated and trusted them to carry his will did not tell the fourth nominated trustee until I started searching for the truth about what happened to the estate.

Now, 30 years later, the spirit of Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony declared in his will which leader he wants to handle his estate, especially since the estate is completely distinct from the family of Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony. ”

What do you mean by this?


In most estates, the trustees use their discretion to handle the affairs of either the family or the beneficiaries so as not to confuse the cooperate entity that demarcates what family wants to do and what the owner wants to do. In Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Estate, he has specified distinctly the beneficiaries of his Estate.

Sir Banks gave the trustees leverage of discretion as to handle affairs. When a group of people get together and disobey the law in Nigeria without rhyme or reason than to muddle up since they have no legal entity, if anyone calls me a fraudster, are they not supposed to ex-  pose where and when the offense took place? Nigeria has law even though we are  seriously challenged but the only reason I did not serve them contempt of court actions is because they claim to be descendants of my godfather. The onslaught on my character was heavy.


There is an allegation that you are not a trustee of the estate…


I say to all them you are his descendants and if you follow the law that your grandfather provided for you to read and follow in his will.

Your grandfather has appointed a leader that anyone can access in your grandfather or father’s will and you want to join with somebody to give you properties that he did not devise to us by law because of gratification.

This is bad. Forget about the deceit, this is now about you. You have to follow the law because the new lead is a mother and not a trouble maker and she is doing all to make sure that the family is intact. There is no reason to be bitter and angry. The Judge has spoken.

God ordained it and no appeal. We should all join hands and should work together.

Sir Bank’s Estate is in very good hands and there is no need for anger and bitterness. There is room for everyone on the table. If you are ready to work hard, join us. If you are not, stop spreading lies and rumors and get legal advice. We are working for the legacy of Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony in blessed memory.




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