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Atletico To Sell Felix On Economic Reasons – Diego Simeone

Diego Simeone has downplayed the feud rumoured to be going on between himself and Joao Felix as he acknowledged the possibility of Atletico Madrid selling the forward due to “economic” reasons.

Simeone bluffed the notion that Felix’s absence was responsible for Atletico Madrid’s improved form after the Portuguese forward joined Chelsea on loan in the winter transfer window.

“It is a lie to say that we did not play well because Joao Felix was there. And if he was now he would be playing well too.

I don’t clash with him, I’m clear with him and I tell him what I feel.

He knows what my coaching profile is and he knows that I like to train with a lot of happiness,” he stated.

After moving to London, Felix said that he was more free at Stamford Bridge.

But Simeone refused to address the remarks made by the striker but instead said that he understands players’ perspectives and wishes Felix success wherever he plays.

However, at the same time, the manager admitted that financial considerations will play a role in determining whether Atletico will keep him next season or not.

“I’m not going to opine on that because I always understand the moment footballers are in.

And if it’s not with us, let him do so in another team.

He would be very important to them (Barca).

He has enormous qualities, he hits well with his left foot, he heads well, with his right foot, and has vision of the game.

He will be what he wants to be,” he stated.

“It is necessary to see if economically it is good for the club. I no longer enter there.

He is a boy who has qualities, who plays well, and who everyone talks about and hopefully, he can crush it.

With us he has always had peaks, he has had bad luck with injuries,” he added.

Joao Felix’s future at Atletico Madrid remains uncertain after Chelsea confirmed that they would not sign the player permanently.

Both parties would look to explore potential transfer options during the summer transfer window, already there have been reports that the Rojiblancos have offered the forward to Newcastle United.

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