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As Eniade Gold rebrand, steps into limelight as Silksway

Fans of the sensational artist, Eniade Dolapo Olaniyi, popularly known as Eniade Gold, are in for a treat. The artist, renowned for his captivating rhythms and smooth melodies, has announced a rebrand, taking on the new stage name, Silksway.

The chart-topping artist, born October 6, 1998, in Ibadan, Oyo State, announced this recently. Silksway, a name that embodies the artist’s unique musical style, is a nod to the smooth and captivating rhythm of their music, akin to silk swaying in the breeze. Eniade Gold, now Silksway, has always been an artist that embraces change and growth, and this rebranding is no exception. Silksway promises to continue delivering the same high-quality, soulful music that fans have come to love and expect. The artist is eagerly anticipating the release of their single under the new name, Silksway, although the date is unannounced.

The single promises to be a hit, filled with special renditions that will surely resonate with fans. Silksway is also excited to continue engaging with their fanbase, affectionately known as the Eniade Gold Gang, and is looking forward to sharing this new chapter of their musical journey with them. With this re-branding, “Silksway is not just changing a name, but also reaffirming their commitment to producing music that touches the soul and moves the body. Fans can expect the same passion, creativity, and dedication that they’ve always seen from the artist, now under a new, exciting moniker.”

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