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Arogbofa To Akeredolu: Please Forgive Your Deputy Governor

Former Secretary-General of Afenifere, pan Yoruba Socio-political group, Bashorun Seinde Arogbofa has begged Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to halt the impeachment move against the Deputy Governor, Hon Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

The octogenarian Yoruba leader said any impeachment move would throw the state into both social and economic quagmire.

In a statement, Arogbofa said as one of the founding fathers of the State, he would not want a situation that would throw the state into political upheaval, hence the need to stop the impeachment move against the Deputy Governor.

His words “My fear, nay our fear, is that the present gathering political storm between the Governor and his Deputy arising from alleged disloyalty, if not checked or properly handled, will lead to very bad blood, developmental setback, disruptive tendencies within the polity, and, in turn, have their unhealthy backlash on the civil service and the welfare of the common man.

“We don’t want this to happen. Indeed, the fragile economic and security situations in the country demand that the Executive, the Legislature, and, the Judiciary in Ondo State should come nearer together and see how they can make the life of the people better.

“In this regard, the Legislature that represents the people has a major role to play in the development and stabilization of the State and the polity. The issue on the ground needs careful handling so as not to lead to any major crisis.

“Therefore, our Honourable members should remember they have their names to protect in whatever they do. They should be mindful of the verdict of history. We therefore call on them for fair play and justice to arrest the gathering storm.

“While it is the legitimate right of any Ondo State good citizen to seek for the highest office the governorship inclusive in the State, such should be pursued at the appropriate time with the fear of God and without any injury whatsoever to others.

“Those aspiring including their collaborators to take over from the Governor should know that power belongs to God. No one can take what does not belong to him and enjoy it. Such members and their collaborators in and out of Akeredolu’s Government should stop destroying or blackmailing one another to climb up.

“They should remember that the founders of the State were guided by patriotism, not self-interest or the search for naked power. They should remember that some of those who sacrificed to get the State created never enjoyed any form of patronage in the State before they died, nor did they have any opportunity to serve it.

“I know Arakunrin to be a good Christian. Let him forgive anyone who might have done anything wrong against him or his office. Let him remember that unless the Almighty God wants it, nobody can take the life of another person. God holds the key to life. So let him not glorify or flatter any perceived enemy who may be said to be after him. The Lord God is the Almighty; He is the Omnipotent.

“If his Deputy has done wrong, please call him, chastise and thereafter forgive him and like Jesus Christ, tell him “go and sin no more”. Iron things out with him so that Ondo State can move on. Let us well-meaning Ondo State citizens rise and quench this gathering storm whose full explosion will not be healthy for the State.”

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