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Army Needs 10 Divisions To Crush Nat’l Security Threats –RTD General

The pioneer Commandant of Nigerian Army School of Legal Services, Brig-Gen God- win Anyalemechi (rtd), has made a strong case for the establishment of, at least, two additional divisions to the exist- ing eight in the Service across the country, following the threat analysis of security challenges. The retired senior officer who, made the submissions in an interview with New Telegraph, also underscored the importance of improved welfare of personnel, for effective execution of their mandate.

“So, I may be tempted to create more divisions. Instead of the eight as we have today, we should be able to have 10 divisions in the Nigerian Army, considering the threat analysis.” A division in Nigerian Army comprises 7,000 to 22,000 troops. Two or more brigades, along with various specialised battalions make up a division, which has 7,000 to 22,000 troops and is commanded by a major general. A division contains all the arms and services needed for the independent conduct of military operations (Google).

“Then, I will look at the effectiveness of command, because if you have good welfare and weak command, you cannot achieve anything. “Effectiveness of Command: Who are those responsible for the command of troops? What type of mentality do they have? What type of training do they have? Are they the type of officers that troops have respect for? Can they move the troops? “I must make sure that I pull them: the best officers among them are the are the ones I will appoint the general officers commanding.”

He continued: “When you have a very strong command at the top down the ladder, the GOCs will make sure they have effective Brigade Commanders, the Brigade Commanders will make sure they have effective Battalion Commanders. The Battalion Commanders will make sure they have effective Company Commanders, down the ladder. “Effectiveness of command is very important in maintaining the security objectives of the country.”

Anyalemechi also recommended proper delimitation of what he referred to as “territorial power” by the authorities concerned. His words: “What I mean by delimitation is: I am not going to allow a large expanse of arid land…to be under one division. I will delimit it. “I will make sure that more effective command can only be made when the areas to be taken care of are compact. The areas should be compact; they are not going to be too large.

It’s one of the problems we are having. “With the porousness of the borders and very few troops on ground, if you fight this war for 30 years, you may not win, because the expanse of land covered by one division in the North is still very large.”

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