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Arab Leaders Unite In Denouncing Gaza Crisis

Arab countries have come together to denounce the “acts of violence, terrorism, and violations of international law” and “forced displacement and collective punishment in Gaza” according to a statement released on Thursday.

The statement sighted by New Telegraph’s correspondence revealed that Iraq’s participation was noticeably omitted.

The statement, endorsed by foreign ministers of Jordan, the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, and Morocco, “unequivocally condemned the targeting of civilians and violations of international humanitarian law, including attacks on infrastructure and civilian facilities.”

It specifically rejected “forced displacement and collective punishment,” labelling these actions as “grave violations of international humanitarian law and constituting war crimes.”

The ministers emphasized the importance of upholding the Geneva Conventions of 1949. They demanded the immediate release of hostages and civilian detainees, ensuring their safe and humane treatment under international law.


The statement also called on the United Nations Security Council to enforce an immediate and sustainable ceasefire, warning that overlooking violations of international law could encourage their continuation.

Expressing deep concerns about the possibility of the conflict spreading to other Middle Eastern regions, the ministers urged all parties to exercise restraint, underscoring the severe consequences that could arise from an expanded conflict.

The statement also highlighted escalating violence in the West Bank and urged international support for the Palestinian Authority, emphasizing the significance of financial aid to the Palestinian people.

In concluding remarks, the ministers stressed the urgent need for a political solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

They called on the international community, particularly the Security Council, to assume its responsibilities and work toward achieving peace in the Middle East.

The ministers reiterated the importance of a two-state solution based on relevant United Nations resolutions, ensuring the establishment of “an independent, sovereign, contiguous, and viable Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Arab nations, in a joint statement issued on Thursday, collectively condemned “forced displacement and collective punishment in Gaza,” denouncing “acts of violence, terrorism, and violations of international law.”

However, Iraq’s participation was notably absent from the statement.

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