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APC government worst in Ondo history, says Arebuwa

A governorship aspirant in Ondo State on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bosun Arebuwa, has described the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration in the state as the worst since its creation. Arebuwa, who declared his interest in the November 16 governorship election in the state on Monday, expressed worry over the development of the state since the APC came to power almost eight years ago. He promised to leave a legacy of excellent development in education, health, youth empowerment, agribusiness, industrial growth and security among others if given the opportunity to rule the state.

Arebuwa said what the next governor of the state needs to do is to formulate and articulate with the support of his party, clear and unambiguous policies, assembly a team of informed, competent, capable and clearheaded professionals to run the vision, motivate the workforce to deliver on set goals and targets as well as inspire the imaginations of the populace to work hard for self and society, and generally personate with masses for regular feedback on successes and weakness. According to him, that kind of governor and governance has been missing, particularly in the last seven years in the state. His words: “In fact, there seems to have been a pall of darkness under the APC government over our state. We bring light, and with light, comes freedom, growth and opportunities for personal and collective development. The APC government in Ondo State has taken Ondo State to the lowest low in the socio economic ladder. “They have almost destroyed our health infrastructure, disincentived education through unaccountable actions and decisions, personalised government and government institutions and generally demoralised the populace.” Arebuwa further said the PDP, which he hopes to be its flag bearer, would be coming with policies, strategies and actions that will make government more open, more accountable and less expensive to run. His words: “We shall be working to entrench a new paradigm of functional and effective education through a combination of modern and nimbler school infrastructural reengineering on the basis of contemporary skill and professional needs.”

While Arebuwa acknowledged that those who had ruled the state played their respective parts and had distinguishing features, he however, said that the APC era has been the worst in terms of the high hopes, ethical standards and moral values they threw to the dustbin. “Every government has played its part according to the capacity of the governor and team. For instance, Late Chief Adefarati was of the old school; punctual, modest and unassuming. The late Dr. Olusegun Agagu, who succeeded him displayed remarkable intellect in policy formulation and brilliance. “Dr. Olusegun Mimiko was pragmatic, people-oriented and showed clear disposition to socio-democratic ethos and ways and the just departed Oluwarotimi Akeredolu was bold and fearless in matters concerning the Yoruba people, when occasion demanded. The truth, however, is that of all, the era that will be ending with the next election has been the worst in policy erudition, social transformation and prudency in the management of resources. “In all of the past seven years, there has been no clear policy on infant and maternal health let alone general health. It has been a sleuth of disjointed actions that have taken us back. The APC government in Ondo State has treated health workers with disdain and total disregard hence the mass movement of doctors and nurses out of the employ of our state. “The argument that this is a national reality falls flat when viewed against the fact that our own health workers are moving from our health institutions to neighbouring states, where they are treated with more dignity and where facilities are more functional. At the apex health institution in Ondo State, diagnostic facilities have all but collapsed.

“In education, our students are being made to pay more in our tertiary institutions with near zero improvement in infrastructure. At the secondary school level, no tangible improvements and or innovations have been recorded. “Our primary schools have been returned to the analog era from the progressive era of Mega schools with functional learning tools. And little or nothing is being done to have well trained and certificated artisans as obtainable in neighbouring states. This drift must stop and that is why we are here.” Arebuwa said his experience in the private sector and as someone who has reached his peak as an accountant, employer of labour and farmer, places him in a better position to govern the state. “What experience in politics can be more than being a knowledgeable victim and observer of a failing system? What experience do you need to manage man and resources that I do not have? What experience in appropriately allocating scarce resources to fruitful ends do I not have, and if what you mean is the involvement in political thinking and actions, I have also not been found wanting. “What I do not have is the experience of being in the open and visible political office as an aspirant, a candidate or an appointee, but even at that, I have been a participant in the political evolution of our state, albeit from a private and professional distance. I have however been a member of the PDP from inception.”

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