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Antibiotic benefits of onions, ward off infections

Onion is among the most common vegetables around. It is available in every home all year round. Have you ever heard of a shortage of onions? And because our women can hardly cook without using onion, we take it for granted. It is time we overcome the sickness called ignorance. Blessed are you among other vegetables, Onion!

The onion that is ever available. You that can make both men and women cry. Any wonder then that hired mourners use you to induce tears? Some house wives confided in me (please keep this to yourself o!) that whenever they needed a favour from their husbands; they would peel the onion to induce tears to win the sympathy of their husbands! Onion is a common name for many plants of the genus allium of the lily family: The true onion is Allium cepa, wild onion is allium vineate, the leek is allium ampeloprasum, Garlic is Allium sativum.

Onions were originally grown in Iran and the Middle-East before they now spread to other parts of the world, especially the tropics. Onion is made up of 60 per cent aflylpropyl disulphide, a volatile oil called sulphured glycosides. Onion also contains the following enzymes: sulphur, iron, potassium, magnesium, fluorine, calcium, manganese and phosphorus.

It also contains vitamins A, B, C and E, flanovoids (anti-cancer) and gly-coquinine (anti-diabetic). Onion is regarded as a versatile vegetable because it can be eaten in many ways: raw, grated, boiled or pickled. It is used as flavouring or seasoning. The characteristic pungent taste of onion is due to the presence of the volatile oil, sulphurous.

Many uses of onion anti-biotics

Onion is one of the potent natural anti-biotics. It strengthens the immune system, thus helping to ward off common infections. For over nine years I have been recommending onion for many sick people, and the results have been positive. Simply chew a bulb of raw onion every night. It’s as simple as that.

As a starter, you may take half a bulb instead of one bulb and gradually increase it to one bulb. Science has confirmed that Onion works powerfully against the following bacteria: Escherichia Coli, which causes intestinal dysbacteriosis and urinary infections. Salmonella Typhi, which causes typhoid fever. Shigella Dysenteriae, which causes bacillus dysentery.

Staphylococcus & Streptococcus, which cause inflammation of the genital organs, damaged sperm cells, and skin infections and blemishes. Hypolipidemic: Onion has been proven to lower noxious cholesterol level in the blood. This is understandable when one considers the fact that onion is rich in fibrinolytic substances that help to break up blood clots and to prevent coagulation.

This makes Onion indispensable for many Nigerians who consume a lot of fat, palm oil and butter. Over-consumption of processed palm oil is partly responsible for cases of high cholesterol level in Nigerians today, thereby increasing the risk of heart problems. God has given us Onion as a remedy for this ailment.

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