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February 25, 2024

Anglican Bishop: FG’s injustice provoking agitations to break-up Nigeria

The Kaduna Diocese of the Anglican Communion, yesterday rose from its 22nd Synod with the allegations that the perceived injustice by the Federal Government was responsible for those agitating for the break-up of Nigeria.


Speaking to journalists at the end of the Synod, President and Bishop of Kaduna Diocese, Rev Dr. Timothy Yahaya also said that, the Federal Government must rise in defence of schools against banditry and kidnapping, saying that the next generation will not forgive the present if schools are shut down.


The Bishop said: “On the calls for the break-up of Nigeria. If you give Biafra today, only in Imo State the Okigwe and Orlu men will fight over who becomes the leader. If we have a problem as Nigerians, let us agree that we have a problem and solve the problem.


“Our leaders should hear this very clearly, don’t pretend, there is a problem in Nigeria: a problem of marginalisation, a problem of oppression, a problem of segregation, a problem of religious differences. People don’t think about Nigeria first, they think by their religion, region and tribes.


“Secessionists are calling for secession because there is injustice at the centre. But when everyone is happy, nobody will care who is a Yoruba, Tiv, Igbo or Kanuri, they will only see themselves as one Nigerians.


“America is more diverse than Nigeria, yet they live as a nation and they are very happy and they are the giants of the world. In our diversity is our strength, in our diversity is the beauty of life.”



On the abductions and attack on schools, he said: “We are disturbed that it is only in Nigeria that things happen and happen again. “The philosophy of Boko Haram is that, western education is a crime and today, they are attacking schools.


They started in the North East and it is now spreading to all over the place. One day, this country would not be able to run schools.”

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