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February 22, 2024

Alternative payment method is a panacea to business growth


Edo State-born crypto rxpert and software engineer, Benjamin Oyemonlan has said that, he hopes to revolutionarise the digital payment space and facilitate the vast adoption of alternative means of payment.
He was speaking through a social media post @trillbjm, where he advised citizens to alternate payment methods through crypto currency.
Recently, the Central Bank of Nigeria banned crypto currencies, but Benjamin says, it is detrimental to businesses and start-ups.
Business men should look for means where they must not put their monies in banks, with little profits.
“Crypto currency is what we have studied, worked on, and we are still using in for exchange of goods and services.
“There are people that you cannot convince to trade crypto, but those that are trading, are seeing the immense benefits.
“We will continue to do legitimate businesses with crypto, while charging clients to embrace it, as it saves time and unnecessary charges,” Benjamin stated.

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