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September 30, 2023

Alleged missing arms funds: Oduduwa group demands resignation, prosecution of NSA Monguno

The Coalition of Oduduwa Descendants (COD) has called for the immediate resignation of the National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno for failing the Nigerian people.
The development followed the recent allegation by the NSA that some funds meant to purchase arms under the leadership of the former service chiefs, were missing.
Monguno made the claim in an interview with BBC Hausa.
However, COD said Monguno’s claim was a clear attempt to soil the hard-earned reputation of the immediate past service chiefs and patriotic men who diligently served the nation.
Addressing the newsmen on Thursday, Comrade Lawson Adeshina , the National Secretary COD, demanded for the resignation or sack of Monguno so he could be investigated and put on trial for sundry crimes he has committed as a result of his avarice.
According to Adeshina, “It is most unfortunate that at a time when Monguno should have been focused on procuring weapons for prosecuting the war against Boko Haram and terrorism he was rather vested in marking up contracts and inflating procurements such that critical military hardwares were not acquired as at when due. This bottleneck was responsible for many deaths as the delays or failure to get these equipment contributed to what people had thought was a lack of capacity on the part of the military.
“Please note that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has secured a court order to freeze the properties linked to a former Director of Finance in the Office of the NSA, Brigadier-General Jafaru Mohammed, who is a confirmed crony of Monguno.
“We are worried that Monguno’s treasonous tendencies were such that he sold the entire country out to his Emirati associates at the International Golden Group (IGG), which he fronted on many occasions as the choice company to secure government contracts including, even for the supply of Hilux Pickups that local firms are able to handle.
“It is now glaring that the entirety of Monguno’s crimes were concealed because he is able to abuse his office as the National Security Adviser (NSA) to sabotage investigation and prosecution. To the extent that Jafaru Mohammed has been nailed and have an asset forfeiture order secured against him, the man he ran errands for, the NSA should have by now been in similar situation with him.
“What we saw however was a Monguno, who was trying to soil the hard-earned reputation of men who diligently served the nation, the immediate past service chiefs. With the benefit of hindsight, we now believe that these men could have done even better than they did had Monguno not abused his office to deny the country the opportunities to buy weapons. Each time he inflated or marked contracts up, he made it impossible for the military and the Nigeria Police Force to buy the equipment that were desperately needed to fight crime and secure Nigeria against terrorists. We only wish that someone had called him out earlier.

“One can thus now categorically say that the problem of inadequate or in some instances the total lack of equipment to fight terrorism is responsible for the scenario where kidnappers, bandits and terrorists have become bold and are now holding the country buy the jugular was caused and aggravated by Monguno. This is the highest travesty possible: the man who should deploy his expertise for making Nigeria secure as National Security Adviser preferred to abuse his office to make Nigeria ungovernable and into a veritable killing field.

“We do not want to believe at this point the theory in some quarters that Monguno orchestrated the explosive growth of terrorism, banditry and kidnapping in order to create a desperate condition that will allow him carry out the fraudulent procurements that he has been eager to do but has been persistently blocked from doing by those who have the interest at heart. But the theory remains a genuine concern because nothing about the virulence of insecurity besetting appears normal. Nothing adds up, which makes it most likely that only someone so strategically positioned could have precipitated the kind of anomaly that is now tormenting the land.

“Equally worrisome is the muted allegations that ethnic sympathies on the path of the NSA have made defeating Boko Haram/ISWAP difficult because persons of his ethnic stock are commanders of the terrorists group. The parochial manner in which Monguno is willing to make money at the expense of the country is however making one have a rethink as to the possibility of such cringeworthy compromise on the part of someone that the nation relied on to defeat terrorists.
“We should not forget that Monguno’s first brush with integrity was the ill-fated Presidential Panel that investigated arms purchases. He was linked with several allegations of unsavory comprises and extortion rackets manned by his associates. Given what we now know about his dealings, it is no surprise that he was able to coerce key witnesses into silence and swept that scandal under the carpet, or so he had thought.

“It is unthinkable that an appointee of President Muhammadu Buhari, who promised Nigerians improved security, could have jeopardized the military and the police force of the country with such impunity. Monguno has simply demonstrated that he has no sense of loyalty to either the country or his Commander-in-Chief. This is an untenable position.

“We additionally demand that Monguno, upon his sack, must be further investigated and put on trial for sundry crimes he has committed as a result of his avarice. Nigeria is bigger than Monguno and it is time that he feels the full weight of the law for all the things he has done to put the country in the present dire strait it is in.”

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