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Alesta Wilcox emerges chair of ICAN’s Lagos and District Society

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) Lagos and District Society has inaugurated Alesta Wilcox as its 20th chairman.

Speaking at the inauguration in Lagos at the weekend, Wilcox said his election as the chairman of the district is a call to service and responsibility. He promised to offer nothing but his very best in the discharge of his duties.

Wilcox said, “20 years ago, precisely in May 2002, I was inducted as an associate member of this great institute. Back then I never had the premonition nor did I nurse any ambition that someday I will stand before you to be honoured as the 20th chairman of the premier district of the institute, a district that has over 50 years of existence with some of the best and highly sophisticated members of the institute.

“On the day of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) when my election was announced, I made it clear that Lagos and District Society has come a long way, being the premier district of this institute but I also know that there are still a lot of grounds to be covered. Today, as your 20th chairman, I wish to emphasis that I will cover as many grounds as possible and will also uphold the legacy and great works done by our past chairmen and leaders so that their efforts and sacrifices would remain indelible in history.

“I’m well aware of the responsibility that lies ahead because the leadership of this district is like a relay race where every hand adds to the success or failure of the team. We will continue vigorously to pursue the programme of the district and programmes that would be of benefit to you, our host community and the institute at large.

“It is sad to note that the district does not have its own building and in line with the agenda of the district to have its own corporate building, this project would be one of my major concerns and we will use every available means legally to push this forward. ICAN Lagos and District Society must have their own building in the shortest possible time. And for this, I’m soliciting all your support and encouragement.”

On her part, the immediate past president of ICAN, Comfort Olu Eyitayo, advised Wilcox to remain focused on his programmes for the district. She urged him not to get derailed in terms of carrying out his programme and agenda.

Eyitayo said, “He needs to remain focused and work hard. He has what it takes because I have known him for quite some time now, he is a very hard-working person and I know he can achieve all that he set his mind to achieve. And you can see from what he has made as one of his projects, is having a human touch to it, which is very good.

“It is our common social responsibility for any community we find ourselves to impact that community positively. But beyond that, he has his job cut for him because as chairman we have a bylaw, which is more or less a Bible in quote for the district to abide with which guides them in their operations. So, what they are to do is to mimic what is at the national level to make sure that at every point in time the institute name is lifted higher.”

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