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Ahmadiyya Felicitates Muslims, Chides Political Class For Display Of Wealth Amid Mass Hunger

The Amir (Head) Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat of Nigeria, Bar. Alatoye Folorunso Azeez has felicitated Muslims while calling for the resuscitation of the spirit of sacrifice for the needed development in Nigeria.

Likewise, the Amir called for the resuscitation of the value system of hard work, honesty and dignity of life for the common good among Nigerians.

In his Eid-u-Adha message marking the Muslims’ celebration of sacrifice, Alhaji Alatoye expressed displeasure over the mass hunger and poverty suffered amidst the display of wealth and arrogance by the political class.

He stated: “On behalf of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at of Nigeria, I extend profound felicitations to every Muslim in Nigeria as we join the rest of the faithful across the world to mark this year’s Festival of Sacrifice, commemorating the great sacrifice made by our Patriarch, Prophet Ibrahim (as), his wife, Hazrat Hajar and his illustrious son (as), Prophet Ismail.

“…It is imperative that Nigerians, the political class and the governed, resuscitate the true spirit of sacrifice, selflessness, righteousness and fear of God in all our dealings at interpersonal, corporate and national levels.

“At the interpersonal level, today, Nigerians are passing through a tough economic time but the political class are displaying wealth and arrogance across the land. These wrong values should stop.”

Stressing that Nigerians deserve respect, care and love from the political class, he stated: “Government at all levels must ensure that palliatives get across to citizens as a stop-gap to poverty alleviation programmes.

“Within the corporate world, all forms of cheating, fraudulent practices and corruption which culminate in losses to the corporate world and the national economy should stop and fresh ones nip in the bud.”

He added: “In the national, state and local governments, profligacy and excessive spending in the areas of purchase of exotic or luxurious SUV cars by the executive and legislative Arms should stop. This has sent wrong signals to the populace that these arms of governments are stinkingly rich but do not care for the welfare of the citizens but themselves.”

Highlighting the lessons of the celebration, he stated: “As captured in the Holy Qur’an he listed some of the lessons of the feast of sacrifice namely: Obedience to Allah is rewarding.

“There is no doubt that the faithfulness, sacrifice and obedience of Ibrahim, the submission, forbearance and patience of Ismail and the sacrifice and fortitude of Hajar all combine to form a profound manual of values, standards of virtues and model of personal and national development for humanity at all times.

“It is now evident that obedience to the rule of law is fundamental to self, family and national development by extension.”

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