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Afenifere kicks against reintroduction of Water Resources Bill

The pan-Yoruba sociopolitical group, Afenifere, in Ondo State, has kicked against the reintroduction of the water bill re-sent to the House of Representatives by the Federal Government.

The mainstream Yoruba organisation expressed worry over the possible negative consequences of the proposedbill, saying it is another step to enslave Nigerians by subterfuge.

A bill tagged the National Water Resources Bill, seeking to take over all inter-state rivers, andhydrologicalterritory in all parts of the countryhasbeentabledbeforethe Houseof Representative, and it has scaled the second and third reading.

However, in a statement issued at the end of its state caucusmeetinginAkure, the Ondo State capital, Afenifere appealed to all traditional rulers in the state as well as politicalleadersacrossboard to put serious pressure on all legislatorsfrom theirstatesto work relentlessly against the passage of the bill.

In a statement signed by the state Publicity of Afenifere, Mr Remi Olayiwola, described the reintroduction of the water bill as yet another desperate move by the Federal Government to foist negative tendencies on the country.

His words: “Here is a bill thathad onthreeoccasionsin theseventh, eighthandninth Assemblies failed to stand the test of time. Why should there be the desperation to bring the same bill back to the House? It is simply another unholy way to enslave the people of this country.”

Explaining the implications of the water bill on the people, Afenifere explained that all states of the federation stand the risk of losing their identities and rights to the Federal Government.

On the implications of the bill, he noted that whenever individuals seek to sink boreholes or even dig wells in their various homes, the consent of the Federal Governmentmustbesoughtand approval obtained.


“While majority of the people are requesting for more decentralisation, the bill is seeking for more responsibilities for the Federal Government.”

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