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AFCON Notes Compiled by Charles Ogundiya

Water scarcity in Garoua

We faced water scarcity in the whole of Garoua for almost 24 hours over the last weekend before it was sorted out on Monday afternoon. Speaking with the citizens, it was revealed that there was problem at the water board and until the problem was rectified, there was no water. During the scarcity, we had to rely on Aboki to get us water for our daily activities. What came to my mind was the fact that the city is relying on just one source of water apart from few compounds with bore holes compared to my country, Nigeria where almost all buildings are their own Water Corporation, in fact first criteria to building a house in Nigeria is digging of borehole, it is well.

A good Samaritan

There was a God sent man to us in Garoua when alongside other colleagues like Johnny Edward, Gowon Akpodonor and Jacob Ajom, we went out to eat in the afternoon and the man walked up to us and introduced himself as the owner of the compound where most of the food sellers are using because of the competition. He told us he loves Nigerians while claiming he is a Yoruba man, but his inability to converse very well in even English language sold him out. To cut the long story short, apart from paying for all what we bought, he also released his car to drop my colleagues at their hotel that evening. May God bless him for us all.

COVID-19 fear among journalists

It was a scary moment at the COVID-19 test Centre when we realized that people were positive among which was a journalist from Nigeria, although it was later revealed that it was a wrong result as he requested for a fresh test immediately. However, an international journalist was not that lucky as he was confined into isolation for few days alongside his colleague who despite testing negative, has been in close contact with the other one who was positive. Although they have both been released as they are now negative, but Nigerian journalists are now taking more caution, especially at the Media Centres where we all meet on a daily basis.

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