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Adeleke: 100 days of impressive progress in Osun State

In the first 100 days of his administration, Governor Ademola Adeleke made remarkable strides in transforming Osun State. His vision for the state is evident in the numerous projects he has undertaken, which are aimed at improving the standard of living and economic growth of the state. The following are some of the ongoing and completed projects that have been initiated by the Adeleke-led administration. In the area of infrastructure development, one of Governor Adeleke’s major achievements in the first 100 days of his administration is the construction of a 20 kilometre road across Osun State.

This project will open up rural areas and facilitate the movement of people and goods within the state. The construction of the road will also attract investors to the state, leading to economic growth and development. The governor has also taken steps to address the issue of broken bridges, which poses a significant danger to the people of the state.

The construction of the broken bridge at Bókùsọ́rọ̀/Adẹ́kẹ́ in Iwo will help to prevent loss of life due to erosion. In addition, the resumption of the construction of the Osogbo/Ikirun Kwara boundary road abandoned by the past administration is also a commendable achievement of Governor Adeleke.

These projects will improve the transportation network in the state and facilitate economic growth and development. Another major infrastructure project is the provision of portable boreholes in each of the 332 wards in Osun State. The provision of portable boreholes is crucial to the development of rural communities and will go a long way in addressing the problem of water scarcity in these areas.

This project will help to improve the health and well-being of the people of Osun State and is a major step towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, the Governor has provided rural electrification projects across the state, which will help to ensure that communities without electricity can have access to light. The provision of transformers and other electrical materials will help to improve the standard of living of the people and promote economic development in these communities. Healthcare intervention is another one. Governor Adeleke’s administration has made significant strides in healthcare development in the state.

The Imole Surgical and Medical Outreach programme has provided free surgeries to 18,000 beneficiaries across the state. The outreach programme saw 2000 persons in each of the nine federal constituencies in the state, making a total of 18,000 beneficiaries who received free surgeries. This programme is a testament to the governor’s commitment to improving the healthcare sector in the state.

The enrollment of 3332 Osun indigenes on the Osun Health Insurance Scheme is a laudable initiative that will ensure that the vulnerable have access to adequate healthcare. The initiative will also help to reduce the burden of healthcare costs on the people. Community development is not left out. Governor Adeleke has also prioritised community development in the state. He has demonstrated his commitment to grassroots development by presenting N518 million to 40 communities in Osun State for infrastructural developments. This will help to address the issue of underdevelopment in some communities, which has been a major challenge in the state.

This initiative will empower communities to undertake projects that will improve their standard of living and foster economic development. In the area of technology development, Governor Adeleke has launched the Osun Tech Revolution through the New Tech Innovation Policy, ICT Policy, Domestication of Nigeria’s Startup Act, and Osun Google Mapping Project.

This initiative will help to promote the use of technology in the state and create opportunities for young people to develop their skills. Osun State will be the first state in Nigeria to domesticate the Nigeria Startup Act among the 36 states across the country, a major achievement that will help to promote entrepreneurship in the state and create jobs for the teeming youth population. Governor Adeleke’s first 100 days in office have been characterised by remarkable achievements that are indicative of his commitment to transforming Osun State. The projects undertaken by the governor will help to boost the development of the state in all areas, including health, education, transportation, and technology. The Governor’s achievements are a testament to his belief that nothing is impossible with good governance.

James O. Bamgbose writes from Osogbo, Osun State

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