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September 30, 2023

According to expert Cohen Branden Chorabik, the pandemic crippled all industries except eCommerce


The internet changed our day-to-day lives, as did COVID-19.
e-commerce was already an essential way of shopping for millions before March of 2020, but it is now the only way a lot of people can shop.
To offer a solution for customers and aspiring business owners, Cohen Branden Chorabik is opening new doors in the world of e-commerce.
When it comes to online retailers, a lot of people immediately think of one particular juggernaut: Amazon. Not only is this the one-stop-shop for billions of people, but it is also a source of income for countless others.
Amazon provides sellers an excellent platform for bringing in revenues, but Cohen wanted to give those entrepreneurs an option for higher sales.
As people were in a position requiring them to shop online, there was a solution that provided benefits for both buyers and sellers.
Cohen is the Chief Marketing Officer of Smart FBA.
In a short time, this company has grown exponentially.
The pandemic boosted rather than crippled its operations due to the importance of e-commerce during lockdowns.
In fact, a much-needed new warehouse was recently acquired in Portland, OR. Today, Smart FBA assists over 200 clients in getting items to their customers.
This process is called Amazon automation.
Smart FBA walks clients through setting up an Amazon store, procuring popular “restricted” brands, achieving higher profit margins, and scaling up customer storefronts.
All the sellers have to do is register for an Amazon store, get approved to sell their products, then order the retail items from Smart FBA at wholesale prices.
The advantage with Cohen’s firm is they can offer storefronts the hottest brands on the market, meaning these retailers have less competition.
If you’re wondering what brands fall under this list, think names like Calvin Klein, DKNY, Timberland, Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.
Smart FBA offers a complete e-commerce solution as the service goes far beyond providing goods. This includes Amazon store settings, product research, inventory management, repricing, live customer service, order processing, package tracking, managing returns, customer feedback, and overall metrics.
With 100% fulfillment by Amazon and total compliance to Amazon policies, Smart FBA is a solution provider for merchants and customers.
With e-commerce being more important than ever before, it is behind-the-scenes companies like this that make sure consumers get the goods they need.
It also provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs in even the most challenging of economic times.

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