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Abuja Kidnapping: Tinubu’s Govt Is Failing To Secure Nigeria – CUPP

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has condemned what it called “shoddy and unprofessional management of Nigeria’s security challenges” in the aftermath of the kidnapping and killing of at least three of the abducted victims in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The group in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Comrade Mark Adebayo, frowned at the uncaring attitudes of security agencies with regard to the increasing insecurity in the country and the clandestine criminality of terrorists and bandits who have managed to achieve the ease of doing criminal business in today’s Nigeria.

It said: “It is with a heavy heart that we received yet another needless and totally avoidable wastage of young lives at the hand of the ubiquitous bandits who have taken over the considerable Nigerian space from the Nigerian government and its security agencies.

“It has become a daily occurrence now for Nigerians to be kidnapped and killed in their homes, on the roads, in their offices, in their communities and everywhere else with incredible ease without any serious interventions from security agencies.

“This is a testimony to the shoddy and unprofessional management of Nigeria’s security challenges by the Federal Government and its security agencies who, by their obviously uncaring attitudes, have created an environment of clandestine criminality for terrorists and bandits who have managed to achieve the ease of doing criminal business in today’s Nigeria without let or hindrance.

“It has now turned out that the so-called National Identification Number, NIN, that the Federal Government stampeded Nigerians into ostensibly to curb insecurity, especially kidnapping and ransom taking, was a mere white elephant project of corruption that has no single value in protecting the citizens.

“We can safely say it is a bogus scam orchestrated by the government to hoodwink Nigerians into believing that the government was doing something to protect us, whereas it’s all one big scam.

“Even the Federal Government minister who superintended the NIN scam which he promised would help in easily identifying, tracing and arresting criminals is now championing ransom payment to bandits due to the total failure of the NIN scheme which he orchestrated. What a shame.

“There is an urgent need to overhaul the security architecture of Nigeria in a way that can tackle the insecurity in the country that continues to grow at an exponential rate for the past decade without any significant actions on the part of government and security agencies to stop or even reduce it.

“No state in the country is safe from the marauding invasions of these terrorists and allied criminals. Just recently, over 300 Nigerians were summarily executed by bandits in Plateau, Kaduna and Yobe states.

“The government has continued to lie to Nigerians that it is working hard to protect them without any tangible results to show for it.

“The current Service Chiefs, like their predecessors, have proven to be incompetent, incapable and unable to deal with the growing insecurity in the country. They clearly lack the professional competence and dexterity to tame the ferocious beast of insecurity in today’s Nigeria.

“The Federal Government may wish to consider seeking help from security advanced countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Germany or Canada to destroy the intractable machinery of terrorism, banditry and sophisticated criminality in Nigeria before they completely overrun the country, and they are currently halfway there.

“If the the security agencies cannot protect Abuja which is the seat of the Federal Government of Nigeria where the President and all the service chiefs live, where all the major critical infrastructures of government and the diplomatic community are based, it shows that nowhere in Nigeria is safe.

“The Federal Government must sit up and do the needful by putting in place effective security architecture and competent service chiefs that can end these spates of kidnappings, mass murders and general insecurity pushing Nigeria rapidly towards a failed state. No serious investors would ever plan to invest their monies in a country that cannot even secure its own capital.

“Whatever the government and security agencies may claim to be doing at the moment is not only inadequate but also grossly ineffective by any standard. The president pledged to an oath to protect Nigerians, but he is currently doing nothing enough even close to that. It’s a woeful failure already.

“CUPP commiserates with the families of all the victims already killed by the kidnappers and we call on the Federal Government to immediately facilitate the safe release and return of the remaining captives without any excuses.”

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