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Abounding Grace Foundation: Living Beyond Self

Most of us know thousands of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Nigeria are formed purposely to impact lives positively but they appear to have not been doing so.

One of the most compelling characteristics of being charitable is the ability to promote empathy. When we engage in acts of helping people, we step into the shoes of those less fortunate ones, gaining a deeper understanding of their struggles and challenges.

There are millions of spheres in which Nigerians’ aspirations could be affected in one way or another. But one may ask, “How many of these Foundations have really done something visible that could lift someone out of poverty? They are just a few!

There is one man we can strongly describe as a God-sent to Nigerians due to his humanitarian gestures. He is no other person than Evangelist Christian Chukwuka, the Chief Executive Officer, and CEO of Abounding Grace Foundation, AGF.

Evangelist Christian, humble, God-fearing, passionate, sincere, transparent and cheerful, is one man who has redefined NGO in Nigeria.

The Abounding Grace Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, was founded out of his passion for humanity, on the 30th of January, 2013 and it is solely funded by individuals, educators, groups and philanthropists throughout the world.

Evangelist Christian Okezie Chukwuma’s passion for charity work was also developed out of his experience as an ex-convict. He served 8 years in the Swedish prison, and the full testimony of his wasted 27 years in Europe and 8 years in Swedish Prison inspired him to set up the foundation.

He has a vision for which the AGF was established – That is, focusing mostly on prisoners, widows and the less privileged people around the world. This man, with an uncontrolled zeal towards making life meaningful for others, has visited over 200 Correctional Centres throughout Nigeria.

Not only touring these Centres, this quintessential and unassuming preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, has also transformed and rehabilitated inmates through the Abounding Grace Foundation. He has donated various materials to the inmates for their upkeep.

Over One Hundred thousand (500,000 ) Prisoners had given their lives to Christ in Nigerian prisons through crusades he had organized wherein Hundreds of Muslims- fanatics such as Boko haram members, surrendered their lives to Christ.

Also, His heart bleeds for babies born and kept in prisons whilst their mothers are serving their times hence he took it upon himself to feed them monthly by providing baby foods- such as Cereals, powdered milk, diapers, Baby Juice, Golden Morn, water, clothing and other needs.

Also, the AGF has often worked tirelessly and procured shelter and housing for the homeless and those affected by natural disasters. Infact, There is a need to support his laudable initiatives so that we can assist vulnerable individuals and make lives meaningful for them.

He encourages poor widows, especially those ones in remote areas by assisting and empowering them with skills which would enable them to become productive and resourceful in their communities, enhancing their standard of living, promoting health and deprivation through enlightenment campaign programmes, encouraging University students to stay away from drugs, cultism as well as focusing on their education in order to fulfil destinies.

This visionary founder, as his own part of social cooperate responsibility, had handled inmates on Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Empowerment, self-discipline, Respect and total trust in God. This is commendable and ought to be copied by others.

Furthermore, other areas include Computer literacy, Farming, clothes-making, Shoe cobbling, Hair making, styling & barbing, Cooking skills and other and bricklaying.

Evangelist Chukwuka, in his recent outings, solicited, “We are looking forward to your support, partnership and sponsorships to keep this vision alive to the glory of God so that his kingdom will come. God bless you as you deliberate on how to help tackle this unsuitable and degenerating situation”.

This humanitarian believes that being charitable is not just a mere saying; it is really a powerful force for positive change in the world, today. Through the act of charity, we can foster compassion, alleviate sufferings, build our communities, promote personal growth and leave a lasting legacy of generosity.

He has paid fees for many University Undergraduates, footed hospitals’ bills for the handicapped, single-handedly sponsored various skills acquisitions for unemployed youths and other unannounced donations made by him.

May God bless the Abounding Grace Foundation and its Founder, Evangelist Christian Chukwuka. Amen.

Sampson Uhuegbu is an Owerri-based journalist.

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