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Aba Power Project moves against vandals, electricity thieves

The Aba Power Project, a member of the Geometric Power Group, on Sunday, said it had initiated a campaign against vandals of its assets in nine of the 17 local government areas it is serving in Abia State.

Managing Director, Aba Power Project, Patrick Umeh, who is also a former commissioner with the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), said in a statement that the campaign was also being mounted against those who steal critical components in transformers, distribution infrastructure and illegal connections as well as those who engage in meter bypass.

Umeh said: “It is extremely difficult to understand how some individuals are so unconscionable as to put industries, whole estates, villages, and other neighbourhoods in darkness by stealing wires to make spoons and trinkets.”

He described the vandals as the nation’s worst economic saboteurs.

Umeh said it was surprising why some educated and prosperous Nigerians allegedly indulged in meter bypassing through which they pay next to nothing or nothing at all for the electricity service they enjoy.

He said: “Nigeria is the country I know where a handful of individuals willfully damage such critical public assets, only to turn round to blame the authorities for not providing basic infrastructure like electricity and for growing misery in the land.

“If people don’t pay for service provided by private electricity firms, how can they remain in business when they conduct businesses in dollar transactions?”

He promised that the campaign against electricity thieves and vandals “will be relentless and holistic.

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