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‘99% of residents without health insurance in Niger’

Despite efforts by the Niger State government to provide affordable, accessible and qualitative healthcare to the citizens, about 99 per cent of the residents are not enjoying any form of health insurance. Making this disclosure at the launch of the Niger State Contributory Health Scheme (NGSCHS) and Access to Health Care Service in Minna, Commissioner for Health, Dr. Muhammad Makusidi, said the scheme will safeguard individuals and families against huge medical bills. According to him, “Ni-ger State is one of the few states in the country that progressively increased spending on health. However, only one per cent of Niger State residents enjoy any form of health insurance, leaving out 99 per cent of the residents.” He further added that; “The NiCare health benefit package is one of the most robust in the country, covering over 200 disease conditions and health care services, including but not limited to the treatment of malaria, typhoid, comprehensive maternal obstetric care, including caesarean section, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, consultation fee, basic laboratory investigations.

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