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63 Dies In Johannesburg Fire Out Break

Firefighters work at the scene of a deadly blaze in the early hours of the morning, in Johannesburg, South Africa August 31, 2023. REUTERS/Shiraaz Mohamed

A five-storey building in Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city, was completely destroyed by fire, leaving scores of people confirmed dead.

The emergency services in the city report that the fire, which started on Thursday morning, has now claimed 63 lives, including a toddler.

The number of reported injuries is set at 48.

Social media users shared videos from the event that showed massive orange flames illuminating the nighttime skyline as a crowd that had rushed outside stumbled around in disbelief.

The videos also show firefighters and ambulances outside a building with burned-out windows that police had roped off.



The city’s emergency services spokesperson, Robert Mulaudzi, stated that fire fighters were notified at around 1.30am.

The death toll can increase when a search and recovery effort gets under way, according to Mulaudzi.

He continued by saying that the inferno’s immediate cause was unclear.

“It’s a five-storey building which caught fire in the early hours of this morning. We managed to evacuate the people who were inside the building as soon as we arrived while we were conducting firefighting operations,” he said.

“At this stage, the cause of the fire is still a subject of investigations.”

Mulaudzi said the fire had been contained and that the city’s disaster management had been activated to start facilitating relief for affected families.

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