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2027: Young PDP turks battle Atiku

Though another round of elections for the replacement of the current office holders, especially President Bola Tinubu, is about three years away, the battle of who flies the People Democratic Party (PDP) presidential flag has begun in earnest. This is even as some young Turks in the main opposition party are doing their political calculations and talking about how to take on the ruling party come 2027. Multiple sources who spoke with Sunday Telegraph confirmed that there is a talk going on about working together with others to confront and defeat the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2027 election.

One of our Sources said: Wole Shadare The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) said it has received a preliminary report from the United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) of the accident involving Airbus Helicopter EC130B4 in which former Access Bank’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Herbert Wigwe, his wife Doreen, son, Chizi and former Chairman of the Nigerian Exchange Group, Mr. Abimbola Ogunbanjo and two pilots travelled on February 9, 2020 near Halloran Springs, California, United States. The NSIB in a statement the NTSN shared with Nigeria’s NSIB and made available to journalists gave a graphic account of the accident, explaining that the initial findings suggest that the helicopter suffered catastrophic damage upon impact, resulting in fragmentation of major components.

“The battle is still going on in the PDP. Some people believe that it would be foolhardy if the PDP should go into that election the way they are. They are already talking about the 2027 election and believe that under no circumstance should PDP go it alone, nor should Atiku run. Those are the young Turks. “However, the Atiku Group believes that the only person who has the wherewithal to overcome the APC behemoth is Atiku Abubakar. But the young ones are saying No! They believe that they must do what APC did in 2015 by forming a coalition of forces. They believe that this is the time to start molding that thought.”

Our Source continued: “Good enough, some of them are already talking and working. There is a loose association among the young Turks in the PDP, the Kwankwasia Movement and the Labour Party. They are saying irrespective of what the leaders of the party are saying, they would forge ahead. “Unfortunately, the National Working Committee is also divided and people believe that somebody like the Governor of Oyo State (Seyi) Makinde should be the face of the party. Some persons are talking to him about the 2027 presidency. It is somebody like him that the PDP should field. But he is non-committal about it yet. They believe that a coalition of young Turks and field a young person in the mold of Makinde and Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State. He is also one of the people aggrieved and the Minister of the FCT because of Atiku’s stance in the 2023 elections.

“They are looking at him. The young elements believe that Atiku should go and rest and become the patron of the party while they allow the young people to engage like minds on other political parties to form a coalition of equals to fight the APC in 2027. They said that even before then, they are even talking about the fact that if it works out, in emerging elections, they can test the waters by presenting a joint candidate. But that has not gotten off the ground because of the resistance of the Atiku camp, who believes that he is very much around.” Another Source said: “Some young Turks are trying to undercut him by working towards a coalition with some like-minded persons in the Kwankwaso coalition and the Labour Party. They believe that a single party cannot confront APC in the next election.

But this man still wants to contest and abhors a coalition. He believes the coalition may not support him to run as the candidate of that coalition, so Atiku and his core loyalists are not in support of any coalition. “Atiku still believes at 80, he can still run, but the young Turks in the party do not think so. It is going to be tough for him. “He continues to buy feasibility by ensuring that he is seen as the voice of the opposition. That is why he has stepped up his criticism of the policies of the president and the APC. Another Source said: It is now obvious that there are also attempts from within the party to appeal to members not to break the house.

“There is an attempt at saying that you too should come and serve as the glory of the party. Do not allow this house to collapse. A few of them believe that if they can raise a coalition with some other parties, this is the best time to begin to take on the Tinubu administration in terms of policy matters. That is why the new owners of the party – the Governors have stepped out to control the affairs of the party with the understanding that one or two of them in the coming years will now begin to play more dominant roles in the affairs of the party as well as charting a course for the coalition which they have chatted – multi-party coalition in the mould of what happened in 2015. They believe that the APC is now vulnerable particularly because of some of the allegations of corruption in the latter part of the Bihari Administration and the early part of the Tinubu Administration – the Betta Edu scandal, revelations relating to Emefiele, the alleged forgery of Buhari’s signature.

At the meeting, some of them said if they have a well-oiled party, this is the time to take on the APC and completely discredit it. By the way, it has not lived up to the expectations of Nigerians. In the next few days, you will see a bipartisan attempt to look at the problems of Nigeria from the opposition party. They believe that it is easy to bring back Peter Obi, but some persons in the Peter Obi coalition have said that the best thing is to form a new mega party that would not have the baggage of the PDP. That is the only way they can come with them in the emerging scenario. Whether we like it or not, what is going on is the beginning of the battle for 2027. At the meeting of the Governors, a small committee was said to have been set up to look at the ways to douse tension in the party, to ensure that the person who will eventually emerge as the Chairman of the party after the next National Convention, which date is yet to be fixed, is agreeable and acceptable to all and sundry. However, a source in the Atiku camp who confided in Sunday Telegraph said that the Waziri Adamawa is serious about the coalition in fighting the APC behemoth.

Our Source said: “The two (2) eight-year terms of APC would amount to nothing, except there is a constitutional reform that would allow the president for a single term of 6 years without renewal. it is the only thing that can settle this imbroglio. “Our politics since 1999 has led us to where we are – kidnapping, banditry, killings and what have you. it is not working. We need to retwick the political arrangement for it to work for us. Even if you are in London or Canada, you should be able to vote for your governor or your president. “Currently, Waziri is thinking of reordering things. But this one we are in now cannot take us anywhere even in the next 20 years, he would have gone. We need to tinker with what is on the ground now so that anybody can vote and be voted for. That is what currently occupies his mind. what it would lead to, no one can say. but that is what is occupying his mind. It is not about merger. it is a coalition with terms of agreement and what have you.” Also, our source added that the last bye and rerun elections showed that the LP cannot go it alone outside the PDP. “What matters most now is that the APC must be stopped without creating a replica of APC. That is what we are contemplating on our side of the bargain. It is basically between Oga (Atiku) and Obi as they do not trust Kwankwaso.” On whether Atiku will run or not in 2027, our Source said: “It is a coalition and we do not know whether the coalition would agree to that or not. It is too early in the day to say

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