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2024 Budget: Coalition Lauds Abbas, Bichi’s Transparent Role In Execution

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon. Tajudeen Abbas and Hon. Abubakar Bichi, the Chairman House Committee on Appropriations have been commended for their transparency and efficiency in the handling of the 2024 Appropriation Bill.

The Coalition of Indigenous Groups for Renewed Hope in Nigeria made this known at a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja at the first budget town hall meeting by the House of Reps.

In his address, the convener of the group, Lawrence Ngege, said Abbas and Bichi have so far been pragmatic, proactive, and open in the budgetary process, thus restoring the hope of Nigerians.

According to Ngege, the recent actions of the House under the leadership of Abbas and Bichi have given citizens renewed hope and confidence in the governance of our great nation.

The group, however, urged the other arms of government to emulate the high standards set by the House of Reps.

“First and foremost, we would like to commend Speaker Tajudeen Abass for his exceptional leadership skills and unwavering commitment to the welfare of the Nigerian people.

“His dedication to transparency, accountability, and inclusivity has been evident in every decision and action taken by the House of Representatives under his stewardship,” the statement said.

“Speaker Abass has demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges facing our nation and has shown remarkable courage in tackling them head-on. His ability to unite members of the House, regardless of political affiliations, is a testament to his strong leadership qualities.

“We applaud his efforts in fostering a conducive environment for robust debates and discussions, which have contributed to the formulation of sound policies and legislations for the betterment of our society.

“Equally deserving of a great commendation is Chairman Abubakar Bichi, who heads the House Committee on Appropriation. His meticulous approach to budget planning and allocation has been instrumental in ensuring that the resources of our nation are utilized judiciously. Chairman Bichi’s commitment to transparency and accountability in the budgetary process has restored faith in the ability of the government to manage public funds effectively.

“Under Chairman Bichi’s leadership, the House Committee on Appropriation has diligently scrutinized the budget proposals, leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to eliminate wasteful spending and prioritize projects that will have a direct impact on the lives of the Nigerian people.

“His proactive approach to engaging with stakeholders and ensuring that their voices are heard has contributed to the formulation of a budget that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of our diverse nation.

“Furthermore, Abubakar Bichi’s proactive approach to budget implementation has set a new standard of excellence in governance. His meticulous attention to detail and his insistence on regular monitoring and evaluation have ensured that funds are utilized judiciously and in line with the intended purposes. This approach has not only enhanced accountability but has also fostered public trust and confidence in the legislative process.

“In great admiration, the Coalition of Indigenous Groups for Renewed Hope in Nigeria have seen over time that the actions of Speaker Tajudeen Abass and Chairman Abubakar Bichi, both individually and collectively, have had a profound impact on the restoration of hope in Nigeria.

“The House of Representatives, under their leadership, has become a beacon of transparency, accountability, and good governance. The proactive measures taken by the House in handling the budget have resulted in the timely implementation of critical projects, the provision of essential services, and the empowerment of our citizens.

“The Speaker and the Chairman have demonstrated exceptional leadership in guiding the House of Representatives through the complex process of budget consideration. They have adopted a pragmatic approach that prioritizes the needs of the people and ensures that the budget is aligned with the government’s development agenda.

“By working as a perfect combo, Speaker Abbas support for Chairman Bichi has set a new standard for leadership in Nigeria. Their exemplary actions have inspired confidence in the government and have reignited the hope of all Nigerians for a brighter future.

“Under their leadership, the House has engaged in thorough scrutiny of the budget proposals, ensuring that every allocation is justified and aligned with national priorities. They have also been proactive in addressing concerns raised by stakeholders, ensuring that the budget process is inclusive and transparent.

“The Speaker and the Chairman have also placed a high premium on transparency and accountability in the budget process. They have ensured that all budget documents are accessible to the public and have encouraged public participation in the budget process.

“They have also strengthened the oversight role of the House of Representatives, ensuring that MDAs are held accountable for the use of public funds. This has helped to curb corruption and ensure that public funds are used for the benefit of the people.”

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