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2023: Shine your eyes on parties’ campaign promises, Onitiri cautions voters

As political campaigns resume on September 28, 2022 in all parts of the country, Nigerian electorate have been strongly advised to vote wisely and vote their conscience.

Onitiri, renowned socio-political activist and critic, while cautioning voters in Lagos yesterday, also admonished them not to sell their precious votes. 

He declared: “The Almighty God/Allah will not come down from heaven to help. It is you and I that will help our country, Nigeria and help ourselves.  

“Your destinies and my destiny are in our hands. Don’t allow politicians to scam us again as they did in 2015. We cannot afford to be deceived the another time,” he warned. 

Onitiri emphasised that the time of reckoning for politicians has come. He said Nigerians must hold the present APC administration accountable for the woes and calamities that had befallen the Nigerian nation in the areas of economy, corruption and security.

“We should hold them accountable for the failed three-point electoral promises of 2015 which are: Economy, Insecurity and fight against corruption. 

The social critic warned: “Let us ask them for their educational certificates, birth and mental fitness certificates. Ask for physical and health fitness. Scrutinise their CVs properly”, he said.

Onitiri said Nigerians should never again elect nepotistic, tribalistic and religious fundamentalists into government again.

“We need to collectively salvage and retrieve our country from imminent collapse and looming disaster. We have no other country we can call our own.”

“We  Democrats call on the youths, our future leaders, to come out enmasse to vote and retrieve our country, Nigeria from corrupt leaders.

“Nigeria needs you now more than before. This election in 2023 will determine if Nigeria will still exist or totally disintegrate. The choice is yours to decide,” he further cautioned.

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