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2023 Presidential Election: Atiku will Fail, Tinubu will Emerge as President -Prophet Odedoyin Olawumi Ezekiel

Prophet Odedoyin Olawumi Ezekiel, the president of Christ for All Souls Ministry has said that Former governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu will emerge the Nigeria president come 2023.

He made this announcement before the primaries with video evidence in his church in Oshogo, Osun State that Tinubu will emerge as All Progressive Congress presidential candidate despite party plot against him.

The mouthpiece of God in his prophecy did not stop there, he said the Jagaban of Borgu will defeat Atiku Abubarkar to become Nigeria president in 2023.

In his words, he said “I am speaking as the mouthpiece of God. I’ve earlier revealed the identity and name of the candidate who will emerge as the president in 2023. Although, I’ve earlier informed the christian bodies but God said they are weak in prayer and their prayers cannot hold anything. I will tell you the person that will emerge. His character and his political party. So that when the time comes, you will know that when God speaks he backs it up.”

He said God revealed to him that “Tinubu will be the next president of Nigeria. God also said I should tell you that darkness and light will work together for the fulfillment of this prophecy. And in his reign, God said he has destroyed a document out of many documents handed over to him and the reason why it was destroyed is because there are some certain set of people who will be planning to hijack the government from him when he eventually emerges the president.”

“In his reign, a cabal will rise up to hijack the government from him but he will later overcome it. During his time, there will be bloodshed but it will be minimal. He will not be the saviour but he will clear the road by making an impact. He’s coming to take revenge. We’re going to use him for both bad and good. The lord will use him and the devil will also use him. Everything will work for the goodness of those who are worshiping God.”

Burtressing his revelations, the man of God said “The post was supposed to go to the east but the person appointed and anointed from heaven had failed God in the past. God said he gave him some certain tasks as a governor, senator and as a minister but he failed God. And I saw him, he was begging. An angel appeared to him and said, you’re praying when you were supposed to have climbed the post but you disappointed God. With that, the post cannot be yours. Someone else will represent you. He was instructed to submit his agenda to someone else. The person I was talking about is Akpabio. He cannot emerge as the president.”

“The second aspect is that I saw pastor Tunde Bakare. What I had was that, look at him, when i look at him, what I saw is that, God said, Pastor Tunde Bakare does not know him. God said he is not His pastor. You’re only looking at Bakare as a minister of God but the fact is that even the gentiles are serving God more than Tunde Bakare.”

“Another person that was revealed to me was Yemi Osibanjo. God said, Yemi Osibanjo failed him where he was supposed to defend God. You’re all looking at him as a pastor but God is looking at him as a failed minister. He went there to represent God but he failed to talk. The lord will use a weaker vessel, he will use a fool to trouble the wise.”

On Peter Obi, Prophet Odedoyin said “Although, you look at him as a gentleman and niceman but what I had is that, the cap does not fit him. He will fail. And those that you see that have been clamouring for him, they will leave him for another candidate because the vote will not go for him.”

“And they brought Atiku, and I looked at Atiku, I saw a certain portfolio. After that, I had a voice that I should look at him. And when I looked at him, the lord said he did not know Him. The lord asked me to look at the portfolio and when I looked at it, it was revealed that it was a different agenda that is in that portfolio. And the agenda will not favour this country. There are some certain people in this country that know Atiku that he will be worse than every other president that the country has had because he will cover some things.”

“Finally, God revealed to me. I saw a big house and I saw people rushing down there. They were asking who the cap fits. I now saw the man. His name is Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I now looked at him and said, this one doesn’t know God. And the lord said, I will Use him. The devil will use him also but I want to use him to punish some and also to clear the road for others. God said he is giving him this post to correct some of his previous mistakes. God said he is giving him this post to be the wipe to flog some set of people. Some are thinking why will the lord choose him and God said His words are mysterious. The enemy of Tinubu will vote for him. Everything will work for him. You will see people abusing him but they will later praise him. The lord asked me to look at him. Before now he had a limited life to spend in life but He is God who holds his life and he will release it when he wants. Whether you believe it or not, this is what the lord said I should tell you. Whether you like it or not, he will emerge as the president of this country in 2023. His reign will favour the Christian because the agenda he was holding has been torn. I don’t know him and I have never seen him before. I don’t need to see him because if he fails to do what is set before him, the angels will avenge. Those who have said they will not vote for him, many of them will still vote for him. So said the lord” he concluded

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