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2023: Group moves to raise N6bn for Obi’s campaign

Preparatory for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary election, the Peter Obi Support Network (POSN), yesterday, stepped out to mobilize its six million members to raise N6 billion for the campaign activities of the aspirant.


Disclosing this at a rally organised by the POSN, the Chairman of the occasion, Sheikh Rufai Al-Siddiq, said that they were donating a minimum of N1, 000 each to raise the money.


“The Peter Obi Support Network is over six million and each will donate not less than N1, 000. Many will donate more than that. If our six million members had this amount each, we would have raised N6 billion from our group alone,” he said.


According to Al-Siddiq, the donation by all members is a demonstration of the acceptance of Peter Obi by the Muslims in Nigeria and other Nigerians across ethno-religious divides. “Chance should be given to the candidate from the South East. It will build good relationships throughout the country and bring unity. Peter Obi is the best person to be president in 2023,”


Al- Siddiq said. He said as Abubakar Atiku’s running mate, Peter Obi was the one that made the PDP get such a massive vote, especially from the South, adding that every part of the country should be allowed to govern the country. Al-Siddiq, who hails from Kogi State, insisted that 2023 should be the time for the South East to produce the president, insisting that they had a competent person who governed Anambra State with good results to show.


Similarly, the Director of strategy of the POSN, Marcel Ngogbehei, who spoke virtually, said that Peter Obi would bring in digital governance if elected president.


“We have four main objectives which are to encourage national unity and national cohesion. We want Nigerians from every part of the country to know that they are one. “We also said that whoever wants to be the President in 2023, he must be a man who has proven prudence in governance. Nigeria keeps borrowing which is bad. We want a president that will cut spending.


“We need a President who can manage the nation’s economy and the resources and create wealth that would rank Nigeria among the most prosperous countries in the world.”


Also, Comrade Sani Saeed Altukry, Northwest Coordinator for Peter Obi Support Network, in his comment, said that nobody among the aspirants could defeat Peter Obi if there was no manipulation of the process.

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