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2023 election will be inconclusive, says Prophet Gbujie

Prophet Godfrey Gbujie is a Pentecostal Anglican Christian and a trans-denominational prophet and building and hydro-engineering contractor to both Imo and Abia State governments before his prophetic calling in 1995. In this interview with EMMANUEL IFEANYI, he reveals the vision he received about the 2023 presidential election, the future of Nigeria, the events after the election, Nnamdi Kanu and the Biafran movement


What revelation do you have about the 2023 presidential election?

A whole lot. Before the inception of the current democracy in Nigeria, God has spoken to me about the election of 2023 because He revealed to me the future of the country which the 2023 election has a big role to play in.

Attention is being drawn to the so-called or so-proposed 2023 election, but people are yet to see where we’re heading to. God spoke to me before the current dispensation programme was launched in 1998, on the 29th of May 1995, He showed me what will happen from that day till the end of Nigeria.

What exactly did God show you?

I put it up into a write-up titled, “Plan of Divine Intervention in Nigeria’s Socio-political Affairs.” I’ve written to the President on it so we’re coming now to the climax which is the 2023 presidential election. I’ve spoken extensively about this 2023 election but I don’t think people are listening. I have also received the result and how it will be.

The 2023 election is the mother of all elections we would have seen in this country and it’ll be the last and final election in Nigeria as the plan of God stated. It’s going to be the cannon fodder for the great event that’ll happen. It’ll also be the cannon fodder for the judicious resolution of the long-dodged but recalcitrant national question.

What do you mean by national question?

Those in government are dodging it. It’s very simple, the question is this: “Are the people of Nigeria informed and instructed by their past and present experiences, willing, ready and capable to continue coexisting under the same umbrella as citizens of one nation guaranteeing their basic rig, liberty to life and pursuit of happiness or not?” That’s the national question.

It’s the same question that caused the Civil War; it’s the same question that brought the State of Emergency in Tiv Land in 1964; it was the same question that brought a State of Emergency in Yoruba land in1962 this same question led to the military coup of 1966 and eventually the Civil War of 1967-1970. The issues you’re reading about in politics today between the G-5 Governors and the other group is the same question.

So, what is delaying this national question from getting the desired answer?

No government wants to sit down and resolve it. People have called for a Sovereign National Conference. They know the problems, but they appear to not have any solution. Many children of God are crying and God now decided to resolve it in his own way. Good told me everything and I wrote. President Buhari has received not less than 13 letters from me about the judgement of God on the national question and how he needs to implement it peacefully.

God miraculously on Tuesday 6th of June 2017 caused the youths of the North to assemble at the Arewa House in Kaduna and took a decision which they made public, announcing that the Igbos and all Indigenous People of Biafra should be allowed to go. They gave us four good months from June to October to pack and go in peace so that they could have peace. They discovered  that there’s no peace as long as this national question is not answered.

Ten days before that announcement, God informed me earlier and sent me on a ministration to Abuja precisely, Aso Rock and the Director General of the SSS office, including one of their leaders, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha )rtd). He was the first person I went to when I arrived and delivered the message. After my ministration, God confirmed it by releasing us through that announcement. I’m happy that most people interviewed me and I said it then. I made it open that this is God’s mystery.

What mystery are you talking about?

Yes, it’s a mystery God was fulfilling the statute he gave to his people that every 50th year should be declared a national jubilee. From the first month of the Jewish calendar, every slave, every captive, and every prisoner should be set free unconditionally. And 2017 was the 50th year of Biafra’s captivity in Nigeria. On July 8th, 1967, the Nigerian army started capturing Biafra from Obollo-Afor and completed the capture on the 7th of January 1970. So Biafra became a captive of Nigeria on July 8th 1967. 2017 June was the fiftieth year complete of that slavery.

So why didn’t the freedom come then in 2017?

But the problem was our Igbo leaders who are highly unspiritual behaving like our Jewish ancestors didn’t see it. Our children were being killed and the first two martyrs of this new pro-Biafra movement were in Ariaria on Friday 26th of May 2000. Between that time and 2017, over 300 persons were killed. When these people asked us to go, the lion was ill to the point of death. That’s to say that the President was very sick then and could not do anything and many people around him believed he’ll not survive.

It was an opportunity for our leaders to call a meeting and say okay, they’ve given us four months, gather the traders and other business people and tell them what to do, those who want to remain should remain, but we have to negotiate with them and agree that government have to help them in transportation and protection of some private property and sharing of common assets and liabilities and before you know it, people will move out.

But what did we see? Ohanaeze led by Nnai Nwodo and others started shouting no, talking about their assets, without consulting or calling the Imeobi meeting, he started crying about assets. At one point, the Arewa youths said they’ve withdrawn the whole notice for my people to go. Many people came to me and I quoted the Bible and reminded them what God said, but they didn’t listen. This was the same thing the Jews did at the Red Sea that made God say to them that a journey of 40 days will now take them 40 years so that all the people that murmured will die and not see that promised Land.

If the Jews suffered such a problem, what do you see as the consequences of what you’re talking about on the Igbos?

There’s a huge consequence. You’ll see. Igbos will continue to pay the dare price for that error. They’ll lose millions of those things that made it impossible for them to embrace the opportunity God gave to them in 2017. God is very angry with us. Between June 2023 and 2025, you’re going to see what will happen.

Back to the 2023 election, you said you have the presidential election result, what is the result?

The election, God planned it. According to the result God has given me, Obi will tie with somebody, that’s one of the front runners. Because of the third person, I have the authority to withhold the name of the second person, until I meet the third person. By the grace of God next week, I’m going to seek him out and talk to him. So, you’re going to have an inconclusive election. The other candidate with Obi will be qualified for a runoff but whether the runoff election will take place or not is not clear because there are going to be massive protests across the country.

Why will there be protests and who will be the people to protest?

Workers and youths will protest in support of Obi. The other candidate he ties with and his supporters will also protest and accuse the government of Buhari in particular of conspiring against him. That candidate will also accuse the other person who should be seen as the second runner-up after Obi and himself as well of conspiring against him. From their problem will start.

You talked about protest as the problem, but can’t that be easily resolved?

The protest that will come after the inconclusive election will snowball into a second Civil War in Nigeria that’ll lead to the end of the country. Take note of this, Tinubu is prepared, he has the connection and he’s not a man to be toyed with. Atiku on his own is also prepared, a Fulani and very ready. He has won before but was denied. He has been aiming to be president and he’s very serious about this one.

Obi could be said to be a product of God. Obi was nobody even in 2019 when he was running mate to Atiku, Ndigbo didn’t vote for him. Compare what Obi and Atiku got in 2019 with what Jonathan usually gets in Igboland you’ll see that Obi was nowhere to be counted before what we’re seeing now.

Obi was not recognised in thePDP. It was all about Wike and Atiku until on the 18th of May, during my intersession when I saw a different sign from what I was interceding for. I already knew Tinubu will get a ticket, Atiku will get a ticket, and I was interceding for another person I believed could be strong because I didn’t like Obi. I said he was not prepared but he had a record.

But you once prophesied that he’ll pick up a presidential ticket and the story went viral?

Yes, but I never knew the name of the party because all eyes were on PDP then. So everyone expected it to be PDP. During that intercession, God answered and said that Obi will pick a presidential ticket. The whole mindset of people was on PDP. I called journalists and told them that I saw that Obi will get a presidential ticket. Barely a week and four days before the primaries, he ran away from the PDP.

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