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2023: Condemn Deborah’s killing or forget our votes YOWICAN tells politicians

The Youth Wing, Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN), has asked any politician who fails to condemn the gruesome murder of Deborah who was killed for alleged blasphemy, to forget their votes during the 2023 general elections scheduled to hold in the country.


Chairman YOWICAN, Belusochukwu Enwere in  a statement made available to newsmen on yesterday in Abuja, vowed to mobilise Christian youths nationwide to ensure only politicians who have proved to have shown true representation of Nigeria as a secular state.


He said: “Today is the 4th day Miss Deborah Samuel was killed by Muslim extremist students who chose to take laws in their hands and yet most of our Nigerian political class who are gunning to lead us as a country failed to condemn or to commiserate with the bereaved family. “Even after killing Deborah the miscreants continued to destroy peoples’ properties, burning of church facilities and going from house to house intimidating peaceful Christians.


The security agencies should do the needful before this becomes a religious war. “This is nauseating and disheartening indeed. Any politician who failed to mourn with the nation especially the Christians in this sorrowful time should forget our votes in 2023.


We will mobilize Christian youths across the nooks and crannies of the country to ensure that such persons are stopped because he or she will be a misrepresentation of the nation. Nigeria is a secular state not a religious nation.”

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