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2023: Can Nigeria find salvation in Saraki?

Considering his successful and noteworthy achievements back when he was the leader of the 8th Nigerian Senate, where he successfully passed 201 bills while clearing 138 public petitions, there can barely be a few people who would want to disprove the competence in the remarks of the former Senate President, Bukola Saraki, on ensuring that Nigerians stop paying for medical services and his promise to eradicate insecurity in the nation. Indigene and ex-Governor of Kwara State, Senator Bukola Saraki, whose father was also once a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is no stranger to Nigeria’s politics as well as the qualities expected of a leader contesting for an electoral position whether in the senate or for the holy grail of electoral positions in Nigeria – the Presidential seat.

Saraki’s proclivity for achieving the very best in every given situation has turned him into a formidable wouldbe opponent, and likewise, a candidate that possesses all the characteristics that Nigeria’s leadership seems to be missing at this moment, including accountability, proficient usage of scarce resources, transparency, good educational background, and an understanding of how imperative industrialization is to a country’s overall growth.

Apart from his wonderful and reputable achievements recorded as leader of the 8th Nigerian Senate and Chairman of the National Assembly, in 2003, when Saraki was the Executive Governor of Kwara State, on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), his administration drove reforms in agriculture, health, education and environmental policies, including the development of a partnership with farmers from Zimbabwe, which facilitated the establishment of the Shonga Farms Programme that helped boost agricultural practices in the state. Also, under his leadership, Kwara State became the first state to complete the Nigeria Independent Power Project. As part of this project, the state under Saraki’s leadership completed four electrification projects which allowed its residents to enjoy electricity for 18- 22 hours daily.

A true man of the people who does not cower in the face of adversities; Saraki fully understands the workings of government and how to get things done using the limited amount of resources. Judging from his remarkable recorded achievements as ex-President of the Senate, there’s no doubt that Saraki presents strong points as to why he should be chosen amongst other aspiring candidates to become the party’s flag bearer during PDP’s primaries to be held on May 28, 2022.

The APC-led government has failed woefully in every possible area or sector that needed vast improvement. Their lamentable and horrendous performance so far has prompted Nigerians in anticipation of the 2023 Presidential election, to ask vital questions such as; who can save the country from collapse? Who can elevate the citizens from known adversities like hardship, uncertainty, and insecurity? Who will lead Nigeria come 2023 into reaffirming its place as a giant in the African continent and the world at large? The urgent and massive restructuring needed in the country has automatically raised the level of anticipation from the masses in the build up to next year’s election as one that has never been witnessed in the country’s long electoral history.

Indeed, the 2023 Presidential election provides Nigerians with another chance to elect a candidate of their choosing, someone who will take their interests to heart, provide job opportunities, build roads, make available constant electricity, boost economic growth, and, more importantly, tackle the insecurity that has so long plagued the country. Saraki has time and again proven that he has what it takes to spearhead Nigeria into greatness if given the chance. I believe he is the man the country needs; I just hope time, and the Nigerian electorate, will offer the veteran politician a chance to prove me right.

Emenike, an anti-corruption activist, sent his piece from Enugu The statement reads in part; “The operatives of Edo State Police Command on 03/05/2022 arrested a fraudster masquerading as prophet, Benson Nosakhare, ‘M’ who prey on gullible members of the public through the use of false prophecy and divine pronouncements. “One of his victims, Mr. Osamudiamen Thompson, ‘M’ of Osemwenkhae Street, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City in a petition addressed to the Commissioner of Police, Edo State, complained that he was hypnotised by Prophet Benson Nosakhare, ‘M’ of Power Ground Chapel Incorporated, situated at No. 3 Uwa Street, off 2nd East Circular Road, Benin city.

“According to the Victim, the prophet claimed he saw him in a vision where he had an accident with his Lexus ES 350 car. He said the prophet told him that for him to avert the accident he should use the car to sow seed to the Lord which he did in his church. “He further stated that after he came back to his senses, he noticed that the prophet had already changed the color of the car from gold to black and was already using it. “The suspect has confessed to the crime and will be charged in court accordingly. The following cars were recovered during a search of his apartment in Benin city.

“A Lexus ES 350 car and Lexus RX 350 jeep, obtained from Odigie Godspower using the same fake prophetic pronouncements,” the statement said While commending operatives of the command for their prompt response, CP Yaro said people should beware of fake prophets and prophecies designed to instill fear in the minds of the public where money, goods, and other personal items are fraudulently obtained from them.

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