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1st Anniversary: Tinubu Govt Awards N6trn Road Contracts

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) led by President Bola Tinubu has within one year of leadership approved 51 contracts worth ₦6.27 trillion aimed at enhancing Nigeria’s infrastructure across various sectors.

These contracts, awarded over an eight-month period from October 16, 2023, to May 14, 2024, mark a significant step in fulfilling the administration’s commitment to national development.

The projects encompass a broad spectrum of infrastructure development, including the construction of 43 road projects, three airport upgrades, and various train system enhancements.

These initiatives are designed to improve connectivity and stimulate economic growth across the federation.


During his inaugural speech on May 29 last year, President Tinubu reiterated his commitment to continuing the infrastructure push started by his predecessor, President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Progress toward national networks of roads, rail, and ports shall get priority attention,”Tinubu declared, signalling a continuation of robust infrastructure development.

At the FEC’s inaugural meeting in August, the President charged his cabinet to exhibit diligence and commitment to revitalizing the economy.

Emphasizing Nigerians’ high expectations, Tinubu highlighted the need for a responsive government capable of addressing the nation’s pressing challenges, including unemployment and climate change threats.

“Our policy implementation will reform the economy, ensure inclusive growth, and strengthen security for peace and prosperity. Without security, there can be no investment,” President Tinubu stated, underscoring the interconnectedness of infrastructure development and national security.

Additionally, in a shift from previous administrative practices, President Tinubu has mandated that FEC meetings be held every Monday, a change from the Wednesday schedule observed under the last administration.

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