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Multi-talented Star: Dr. AlSaqoby is shining as gifted, highly sought-after dentist


It is always extra-ordinary and inspiring, to observe people across the world from different fields create a meaningful and outstanding success. It is even more inspiring if the individual is still young, yet creating new levels of success with the significant amount of hard work that is poured to complement their exceptional talent.
Best example for this case, is a renowned dentist from Kuwait: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby.
The multi-talented young dentist is already an inspiration to millions through the extremely successful well-rounded lifestyle he is displaying, that is really never seen before.
Thanks to his exceptional talents and challenge thriving nature.
Dr. Ali believes that life is short to spend it on one field or profession, so in addition to being a highly sought after and award-winning dentist. He made himself count significantly as a top athlete, social media influencer, serial entrepreneur and much more.
Being involved in many fields did not comprise the quality of his performance in any of the mentioned fields.
In fact, the talented doctor was eager to prove the point that you can be a highly demanded healthcare professional doing an exhausting job, yet make time to excel in many other endeavors.
As a result, each field Dr. Ali embarks in, he inevitably engraves a big name for himself in and go further to set new limits.
His history as an accomplished athlete is a solid proof.
The talented doctor is raising Kuwait’s flag high as a professional athlete playing football freestyle for almost two decades.
Dr. Ali is a pioneer of football freestyle, that had competed in world championships passing the qualification rounds successfully to be ranked on the top.
He has received many awards and recognitions from the world for his talent in football skills.
After performing flawless football skills shows worldwide, he received many honorable awards and titles, such as ‘one of the most influential characters’ at the world largest expo in Milan by the head of delegation.
Dr. Ali became a prominent sports figure and highly sought-after athlete by brands and events, as his accomplishments get highlighted by media outlets.
Nowadays, Dr. Ali is the main supervisor of the sport in Kuwait as per appointed as the president by the world football freestyle federation.
This prestigious position has fueled his passion to take Kuwait sport to the next level.
Official championships are getting organised under his name as he is aspiring to motivate the youth and pick the best Kuwait representative of the sport to compete abroad such as the last world final that was held in Miami, US.
One might wonder how is it possible to do more and become an extremely popular dentist in the region.
Reviewing Dr. Ali childhood days according to many sources, his time management was on point.
He managed to excel in football and get coaches admiration, yet also impress his teachers with his high academic performance.
His high school grades were one of the top in the country, that he qualified for a scholarship to the country of choice, to study the major of preference fully supported by the government.
Dr. Ali studied abroad in one of the top universities in England.
After graduating and having Masters of Dental Surgery. Dr. Ali journey has just got started as he relentlessly improves himself in the field by keeping himself updated with the field’s latest technology and attending courses worldwide.
Currently under his belt are many certificates and degrees as a dentist that is enough to compete with many that are in the field for several years. This is owed to his sheer hardwork, commitment, courage and charm!
Besides changing people’s lives by making over their flawless smiles, he is a caring mentor that help guide dental students and fresh graduates to navigate through their cases and improve. Such privilege at an early age demonstrate the level of talent and competency the Kuwaiti doctor possess.
His fame that was depicted to countless media outlets as an extremely gifted athlete and dentist was channeled to his social media to become one of the most influential characters in the middle east.
His good looks, inspiring lifestyle and story was the perfect recipe to amass the love and admiration of numerous people and fans as he successfully shatters the misconception, that goes by the meaning “you cannot do a demanding career such as a healthcare profession without sacrificing other aspects on your life”.

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